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Cirrus CI is arguably the most technological and flexible Continuous Integration service there is.

Start on an infrastructure managed by us and enjoy per-second billing with no concurrency limits!

Grow your product without worrying about infrastructure maintenance and updates. When it's the right time, configure and bring your own infrastructure.

Build your Open Source projects on Linux, Windows, macOS and FreeBSD for free, including ARM architecture!

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Cirrus CI is a CI engine that was built "How we would have done it at SonarSource if we had the bandwidth and the people"
Olivier Gaudin, CEO & Co-Founder
SmartRent has been using Cirrus CI since 2018 and in that time our CI needs have grown considerably; Cirrus CI has allowed us to grow without having to scale our CI solution or worry about maintenance and updates. Cirrus CI has also been very responsive to questions and worked with us to implement new features or show us the best way to use Cirrus CI to fit our needs.
Matt Lorey, Vice President, Technology
The speed, reliability, and flexibility of Cirrus CI has been outstanding for the Podman team. Configuration has been easy to manage, with minimal duplication. Direct integration with our cloud resources has allowed us to both scale and maintain great low-level observability.
Chris Evich, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
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