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Cirrus CI is free for Open Source projects. For private projects Cirrus CI charges a monthly fee of $10 per seat for orchestrating builds on supported computing services.

Here is a pricing model of Cirrus CI:

User Public Repository Private Repository
Person Free + Access to Community Cluster $10/month + Access to Community Cluster
Organization Free + Access to Community Cluster $10/seat/month

What is a seat?

Seat is simply a GitHub user that initiates CI builds by pushing commints and/or creating pull requests in a private repository. It can be a real person or a bot.

For example, there are 10 people in your GitHub Organization and only 5 of them are working on several private repositories where Cirrus CI is configured. The rest 5 people are working on public repositories or not pushing changes at all. Let's say dependabot is also configured for these private repositories.

In that case there are 5 + 1 = 6 seats you need to purchase Cirrus CI plan for.

See all the pricing options on Cirrus CI's GitHub Marketplace Page.

All payments will go through GitHub Marketplace and will be billed according to GitHub Marketplace Terms of Service.