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Windows Containers

It is possible to run Windows Containers the same way one can run Linux containers on Windows Community Cluster. Simply use windows_container instead of container in .cirrus.yml files:

  image: cirrusci/windowsservercore:2016

  script: ...

Cirrus CI will execute scripts instructions like Batch scripts.


At the moment only Docker images based of microsoft/windowsservercore:ltsc2016 are supported since Windows Containers are executed via Azure Container Instances computing service.

Powershell support

By default Cirrus CI agent executed scripts using cmd.exe. It is possible to override default shell executor by providing CIRRUS_SHELL environment variable:

  CIRRUS_SHELL: powershell

It is also possible to use powershell scripts inline inside of a script instruction by prefixing it with ps:

    - ps: Get-Location

ps: COMMAND is a simple syntactic sugar which transforms it to

powershell.exe -EncodedCommand base64(COMMAND)