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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cirrus CI a delivery platform?

Cirrus CI is not positioned as a delivery platform but can be used as one for many general use cases by having Dependencies between tasks and using Conditional Task Execution:

  script: yarn run lint

  script: yarn run test

  only_if: $BRANCH == 'master'
    - test
    - lint
  script: yarn run publish

CI agent stopped responding!

It means that Cirrus CI haven't heard from the agent for quite some time. In 99.999% of the cases it happens because of two reasons:

  1. Your task was executing on Community Cluster. Community Cluster is backed by Google Cloud's Preemptible VMs for cost efficiency reasons and Google Cloud preempted back a VM your task was executing on. Cirrus CI is trying to minimize possibility of such cases by constantly rotating VMs before Google Cloud preempts them, but there is still chance of such inconvenience.

  2. Your CI task used too much memory which led to a crash of a VM or a container.

Instance failed to start!

It means that Cirrus CI have made a successful API call to a computing service to allocate resources. But a requested resource wasn't created.

If it happened for an OSS project, please contact support immediately. Otherwise check your cloud console first and then contact support if it's still not clear what happened.

Instance timed out!

By default Cirrus CI has an execution limit of 60 minutes for each task. However, this default timeout duration can be changed by using timeout_in field in .cirrus.yml configuration file:

  timeout_in: 90m

Only GitHub Support?

At the moment Cirrus CI only supports GitHub via a GitHub Application. We are planning to support BitBucket next.

Any discounts?

Cirrus CI itself doesn't provide any discounts except Community Cluster which is free for open source projects. But since Cirrus CI delegates execution of builds to different computing services, it means that discounts from your cloud provider will be applied to Cirrus CI builds.