FreeBSD Virtual Machines

It is possible to run FreeBSD Virtual Machines the same way one can run Linux containers on FreeBSD Community Cluster. Simply use freebsd_instance in .cirrus.yml files:

  image_family: freebsd-12-1

  install_script: pkg install -y ...
  script: ...

Under the Hood

Under the hood a simple integration with Google Compute Engine is used.

List of available image families

Any of the official FreeBSD VMs on Google Cloud Platform are supported. Here are a few of them which are self explanatory:

  • freebsd-13-0-snap (13.0-CURRENT)
  • freebsd-12-1-snap (12.1-STABLE)
  • freebsd-12-1 (12.1-RELEASE)
  • freebsd-12-0 (12.0-RELEASE)
  • freebsd-11-3-snap (11.3-STABLE)
  • freebsd-11-3 (11.3-RELEASE, doesn't boot properly at the moment)

It's also possible to specify a concrete version of an image by name via image_name field. To get a full list of available images please run the following gcloud command:

gcloud compute images list --project freebsd-org-cloud-dev --no-standard-images