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Free for Open Source

To support the Open Source community, Cirrus CI provides Linux, Windows, macOS and FreeBSD services free of charge up to a cap of 50 compute credits a month to OSS projects.

Here is a list of all instance types available for free for Open Source Projects:

Instance Type Managed by Description
container us Linux Docker Container
arm_container us Linux Arm Docker Container
windows_container us Windows Docker Container
docker_builder us Full-fledged VM pre-configured for running Docker
macos_instance us macOS Virtual Machines
freebsd_instance us FreeBSD Virtual Machines
compute_engine_instance us Full-fledged custom VM
persistent_worker you Use any host on any platform and architecture

Per-second billing

Use compute credits to run as many parallel tasks as you want and pay only for CPU time used by these tasks. Another approach is to bring your own infrastructure and pay directly to your cloud provider within your current billing.

No concurrency limit. No queues

Cirrus CI leverages elasticity of the modern clouds to always have available resources to process your builds. Engineers should never wait for builds to start.

Bring Your Own Infrastructure

Cirrus CI supports bringing your own infrastructure (BYO) for full control over security and for easy integration with your current workflow.

Flexible runtime environment

Cirrus CI allows you to use any Unix or Windows VMs, any Docker containers, any amount of CPUs, optional SSDs and GPUs.

Basic but very powerful configuration format

Learn more about how to configure tasks here. Configure things like:

Check the Quick Start guide for more features.

Feel free to contact support if you have questions for your particular case.