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Windows Containers

It is possible to run Windows Containers the same way one can run Linux containers on Windows Community Cluster. Simply use windows_container instead of container in .cirrus.yml files:

  image: cirrusci/windowsservercore:2019
  os_version: 2019

  script: ...

Cirrus CI will execute scripts instructions like Batch scripts.

OS Versions

By default, Cirrus CI assumes that the container image's host OS is Windows Server 2016. Please specify os_version filed to override it. Cirrus CI support all versions of Windows Containers including: 2016, 1709, 1803 and 2019.

  image: cirrusci/windowsservercore:2019
  os_version: 2019
  install_script: choco install -y ...

PowerShell support

By default Cirrus CI agent executed scripts using cmd.exe. It is possible to override default shell executor by providing CIRRUS_SHELL environment variable:

  CIRRUS_SHELL: powershell

It is also possible to use PowerShell scripts inline inside of a script instruction by prefixing it with ps:

    - ps: Get-Location

ps: COMMAND is a simple syntactic sugar which transforms it to:

powershell.exe -EncodedCommand base64(COMMAND)